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A new health and wellness program for UPSers and their families
 Health Plan
Health & Wellness Programs

Your Health Plan

Click on the appropriate link to reach your medical plan. If you're not sure which plan is yours, please refer to your medical identification card which has the name of the medical plan in which you have enrolled. Blue Cross/Blue Shield members should check their medical identification cards to determine their specific Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan.

For Kaiser Health Plan Participants - Participants in the Kaiser health plan are already able to take advantage of the types of services provided by the UPS Healthy Connections - Informed Choices program. These UPSers will continue to access these services through their health plan. However, Kaiser members may access the health information, resources and tools (including the Aetna provided Health Assessment and Personal Health Record) available on/through this UPS Healthy Connections – Informed Choices Web Site.

For more information on the services offered through the Kaiser health plan, click on the following link: http://my.kp.org/ups

The UPS Benefits Service Center

Employees can call 1-800-UPS-1508 to enroll in coverage, update dependent information, designate beneficiaries, and verify coverage.

Health and Wellness Programs

EAP/Work Life

Solutions is the UPS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (1-800-336-9117) and includes confidential, 24-hour access to trained professional counselors. Examples of issues that may benefit from the services available through the EAP are anxiety, depression, grief and loss, child or senior care, relationship or marital issues, alcohol or substance abuse, finding colleges, bereavement, financial or legal concerns, parenting challenges, work-related problems and conflict resolution.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Alere™ Wellbeing Quit For Life® Program has professionally trained Quit Coaches that can help you quit smoking successfully. They know what you're going through - many were former smokers themselves. With the Alere™ Wellbeing Quit For Life Program, your chances of quitting successfully are 6 times better than quitting cold turkey. The program is available to all participants in UPS-administered health programs who are:

  • Active employees or eligible dependents (18 years of age or older)
  • Employees on an approved leave of absence
  • Retirees (under age 65) who have elected medical coverage, or
  • COBRA participants who have elected to continue medical coverage

Quit For Life offers proactive, personalized, one-to-one scheduled support, pharmacotherapy recommendation and direct mail order of Nicotine Replacement Therapy* (NRT), Bupropion/Chantix decision support** and more. To enroll or for more information, use the Click to Call button below, call 1-866-Quit-4-Life (1-866-784-8454) or go online at www.QuitNow.net.

Click to Call

Health Assessment

The Simple Steps To A Healthier Life Health Assessment provides a confidential way for you to learn about your health status. The results could help identify health risks before they develop into chronic conditions requiring complex care. You’ll get your own Action Plan which connects you with tools you need to get started on a healthier path. For more information, visit the Health Assessment page.

Personal Health Record

Your Personal Health Record (PHR) is a history of your health information. It is stored on a private and secure online site and includes information from two sources – you and your health plan carrier. You can enter information yourself if you choose to. For example, you can include information about your allergies, over-the-counter medications, childhood immunizations, and family history. Your health plan carrier also submits information – such as medical and prescription data, lab values, and screening results – directly from your medical claims. Your Personal Health Record is organized in a way that makes sense, so it’s easy to use. Your information remains private and will remain secure on the Web site hosted and maintained by Aetna, the provider of the PHR. For more information, visit the Personal Health Record page.

Weight Watchers®

Weight Watchers – Your health and welfare is top priority with UPS. If you are a UPS employee, a UPS retiree or a dependent of a UPSer, Weight Watchers can help you achieve your goal of optimum health with these five solutions:

  • Weight Watchers Monthly Pass
  • Weight Watchers At Work Meetings
  • Weight Watchers Local Meeting Vouchers
  • Weight Watchers Online Subscription
  • Weight Watchers At Home Kit Corporate Edition

*   There is no cost to the employee for the patch or gum.
** Coverage is dependent on health plan, MD prescription required,
     co-pays/coinsurance may apply.

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